The Motel Le Refuge is pleased to welcome couples, families and business people for a very pleasant stay in the warm and friendly ambiance of the Eastern Townships. Newly updated, the motel is situated near Bishop’s University and a few minutes away from downtown Sherbrooke. It offers a very quiet environment and unrivalled comfort at an affordable price.

The Motel Le Refuge is designed to allow visitors to come and go freely during the day and return to the comfort of their room at night. The nautical decor is reminiscent of the beautiful natural attractions in the region. Because each traveller is unique, each room has its own personalized look.

The business clientele will also appreciate the numerous amenities provided. A wireless Internet connection is available, as well as a nicely lit working space with electrical outlets; everything is carefully considered to meet the business traveller’s needs.

Whether you are a couple, a family or a business person, choose the Motel Le Refuge for a memorable stay.

Travelling flags

Inspired by the flags of the International code of maritime signals, the Motel Le Refuge logo embodies the idea of travel and retreat. At sea, vessels all around the world use about twenty flags to communicate with other ships. The six flags of the Motel Le Refuge invite travellers to come aboard for a few days.

K – Kilo – I wish to communicate with you

L – Lima – You should stop your vessel immediately

H – Hotel – I have a captain on board

R – Romeo – Preparing to replenish at sea*

I – India – I’m altering my course to port

C – Charlie – Yes or affirmative

* Signification marine

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